Stoned Bridge Part 3

Planking done, a little bit too large. Made the roping with wire, but the glue was'nt strong enough and the wire too rigid. A new armature made of brass and welded will do the trick. 


Stoned Bridge Part 2

Bridge painted, awaiting the ropes. The bridge is called "The Fourth Pillar of Madness" for some reasons.  Small animals added, coming from a plastic kit for railroad modelling, size HO. Moss create strange shape on this forgotten monument. Next work, the roping.

Sabotage! Mission Carpates 1

Sabotage! is a game happening in a alternative history, where nazism never existed. Europe has been invaded by a sort of Red soviets coming from the east, and a kind of US anarcho-corporation. European scientists have flee to Antarctica, in the Neu-Schwabenland, where they try to find a way to free Europe from the US … Continue reading Sabotage! Mission Carpates 1

D’Estoc et de Taille

Une règle de jeu en français, approximative et totalement injouable. A game rule in french, because England was French before Joan of Arc and the fall of Calais...... or something like that. Pour ceux qui se souviennent de "Moonstone", un jeu sur Amiga, où un chevalier se faisait couper en tranche. Les règles prennent en … Continue reading D’Estoc et de Taille