Conan in 15mm

Playing in the world of Conan is fun, exotic, and you need only a fistul of miniatures. After using the rule “CROM” by Matakishi (CROM) with 28mm miniatures on a big surface (120cm by 120cm), it was a pleasant surprise to downgrade on 15mm and a small surface (70cm by 70cm). 

Dice Pool made with matchsticks glued on MDF, custom cards matching the size of the game and small dices.

The dices are the health of a miniature and are used to move, fight, or doing stuff.

Crom15 Accessories
The dice pool, with 7mm dices and personnality removable card. Each personnality have their own little card for the pool and an activation card.
Crom15 Setup
Global view of the crime scene
Crom15 Town1
Bad Bloods waiting to be slashed on the market place
Crom15 Town2
Murilo, a rich trader screaming at his guards, afraid an awaiting a thieve, a killer, a barbar.
Crom15 Caravan
Dogs barks, and the caravan flee.

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