Sabotage! Mission Carpates 1

Sabotage! is a game happening in a alternative history, where nazism never existed. Europe has been invaded by a sort of Red soviets coming from the east, and a kind of US anarcho-corporation. European scientists have flee to Antarctica, in the Neu-Schwabenland, where they try to find a way to free Europe from the US and Soviets. 

Resistants in Antarctica are called “GEL” for Groupe Europeen Libre, and dispose of advanced technology such as Infra-Red sightings (Vampyr), flying discs (Morane I & II).

The GEL had discovered strange activities in Romania, and the presence of an enigmatic russian scientist -the Prof Youri Stalkine- triggered a special operation. The GEL send a group of Operatives. Their mission: contact a partisan in a little city occupied by the soviets OGRE (Organisation Gulag Revolutionnaire East) , and grab informations about the actual duty of Stalkine. The Operatives are undercover and must infiltrate the town marketplace. Infortunately for the GEL, a Men In Business from the CACA (Corporation Anarcho-Capitalist of America) is here. The MiB must find the partisan, steal the precious informations and “clean” the partisan. The Operatives are dropped near the town by a Morane II flying disc.

Global view of the town. You can see the Morane II disc down & right on the picture.
A recon car is dropped from the Morane II
The GEL Operatives on the ready
Small houses before the town’s gate
A MiB emerging from the construction site
A heavily guarded town
A partisan is hiding somewhere on this marketplace
OGRE propaganda screaming on the speakers
GEL sniper…
…and the Propaganda Komissar
Overall view, the playing surface is 70cm x 200cm

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