Schneerim Rules 1

The rules of the games will use gauges for Health and Stamina. Cards are for the characters, combat and defense moves, weapons and loot. I made a prototype of the character control panel, with the gauge using gears. Characters can have a maximum level of 50 (number of gear notches) in health/stamina. Attack and defense moves … Continue reading Schneerim Rules 1


CROM! Valley of the Thousand Bridges

The Valley of the Thousand Bridges has been invaded by Demian the Slaver and his minions. A dark time of plundering, looting an murdering has begun. Demian's hangman is near a burnout, working 24/7 to help local gentlefolks to peacefully accept the rules of the Slaver. But hither came Conan, a thief, a reaver, a … Continue reading CROM! Valley of the Thousand Bridges