Generic Terrain

After a few games played in the Desert of the Tartars, a need of decorative elements was obvious. A lot of terrain pieces are needed for making an interesting story come to life, but unfortunately a lot of time is needed to build those pieces. Downgrading from 28mm miniatures to 15mm reduced the amount of time needed for builds and for storage, allowing things I was reluctant to make in 28mm.

Funeral Mound


A small fort, for gobelins or a piratesque adventure
A dead tree, welcoming a dead man.
Sweet music for the guards, anguish for the thieves.
Market stand with fresh fruits and equally fresh maggots. “Pomz” is a french word and mean “Applz” in english


Chained and bleeding stone. The horrific rune “BLAH” is engraved on the front menhir, prisonners tied to the stone and forced to listen to the songs of a celt bard.


Barrels are commercially available, but those have been designed in Blender, printed by a print service, molded, and cast home in metal.
A bard searching for her Muse in forgotten ruins.


Small cannons for  a pirate ship, modelled in 3d according to old plans, and made the same manner as the barrels

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