The Mill

A sawmill model for HO railroad was lost in the attic for more than twenty years, and re-discovered in an epic archeological expedition. The all plastic thing was too much modern to my taste and chirurgically destroyed, recycled and rebuild as a standard house. Once upon a time I was playing a game about a Sky and a Rim, the console freezed (as always). Totally angry, I yelled an horrible curse involving impronouncable technicals specifications and decided to do this game in REAL 3D: with physicals models that you can really touch. I reminded the HO sawmill and jumped in a box of bitz, just to exhume the wheel. The Mill is not as impressive as the one in the game, but is made with real small foam bricks sculpted one by one. The little bridge come from the HO kit too.


Small frogs taking a bath in the pond

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