About Schneerim

After years of gaming in virtual worlds, a few used and broken computers and consoles, I had the need to do something real. No more three dimensional models that are on a two dimensional screen, but real and physical models not relying on electricity to exist. Living in a place full of rivers and lakes surrounded by mountains, the  video game “Skyrim” was strangely familiar but with a lot more bugs and crashes than in real life. So I decided to transpose Skyrim from the TV to the Table, using card and dice rather than a gamepad.

Writing homebrew rules for tabletop games is a challenge, painting hundreds of small metal miniatures is a big challenge, and building some buildings and a lot of terrain is a huge work. As some terrain was already made, the next step was to find miniatures having some similarity with those in the video game. A few 15mm RPG figures can be used as citizen.

Left to right: a member of the Thieves’s Guild, Aquatarcus – bard, Bonethor – merchant, a rich citizen and his wife, another annoying bard

Elves miniatures are used to represent the T’alamort Justiciar, unpleasant people wanting to rule the world of Shneerim.

Umpire soldiers
Mercenaries, to help or loot you
Foulmehr, denizens of the deepest and darkest caves. To be painted later.
…and painted
An Ice wolf, a femme fatale and a wolf.
Rose are red, Violet are blue and Trolls are pink… A healthy troll is always pink.
Cave troll, bigger and fierce than the normal troll
Giant Spiders. A lot of those charming creatures inhabit Schneerim
The national emblem of Schneerim
There is no such thing in Skyrim, but it’s a terrific encounter in the Scheizzes Mountains



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