Ruins Part 1

Fantasy worlds are often set in a very distant past, but nothing is shiny new in those worlds: ancient ruins found everywhere remind a more ancient era. Fantasy is often associated with vast monuments, but scenery for 28mm miniature is sometime on the small side, due to the space occupied on a table or on a shelve. Small 28mm scenery become huge when you put a 15mm figure near. So I used plaster bricks from Hirst Art to shape one of those long forgotten monument. Bricks are too big for 15mm and reminds a lost world populated with giants.

The miniature is a 15mm US soldier from World War II
Arche detail
Accessory from a wooden ship kit used
Arche 2
Preview of the “Arche” with a previously made cage
Arche cage
Cardboard is a good solution, except for the doors that must be soldered.
Arche 3
Floor made with foamboard, textured with a little block of concrete

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