CROM! Valley of the Thousand Bridges

The Valley of the Thousand Bridges has been invaded by Demian the Slaver and his minions. A dark time of plundering, looting an murdering has begun. Demian’s hangman is near a burnout, working 24/7 to help local gentlefolks to peacefully accept the rules of the Slaver. But hither came Conan, a thief, a reaver, a slayer, to tread the corrupted throne of Demian….

An impressive table in live, but not so in picture. 15mm figures on a 120x180cm surface. Three villages, but not enough bridges.


  • Bottom left: First village, where the hangman prepare an execution.
  • Bottom right: The woods, Conan come from here.
  • Middle: The second village and the only bridge useable to cross the river.
  • Up left: Third village
  • Up full right: Computer and controller for music and sound effects, a great enhancement (sounds of battles and screams, differents musics and background sounds of river and village etc.)


The provost try to convince citizens to freely work as slaves, while the hangman is waiting
Second village: minions looting the market
Demian’s soldiers are interested in cultural place too!
One of the bridges leading to the third village


A slaver’s tower
…and another bridge, heavily guarded by two statues (28mm figures)
Menhir gathering
An impetuous river, no way to swim in those raging waters
Yazid the Thief and Red Sonja face to face with Shah Amurath and his little pet
A dangerous adventure, will the planks break?


A bunch of minion trying to stop Natala, Red Sonja and Yazid

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