In continuation of the Schneerim setup, some miniatures have take a bath of colours. A fistful of Orcs freshly painted


D’Estoc & de Taille insight

Always sick. I had made some terrain board intended for small size figures (10mm) some years ago. As I'm too sick to use rulers and count fractions of millimetres, those boards were obviously the right choice for a bed-top wargame. Rule used: D'Estoc & de Taille, written in filthy french (and more filthy english) and … Continue reading D’Estoc & de Taille insight

Lizards and the World Wide Wargh

Important note: This article can be very shocking for easily offended people. Don't read it: It contain pictures of Pendraken 10mm miniatures with frontal nudity and other things.... You are warned. Well, another boring battle report in the ammo box, always coughing and sick. This time, the Lizard Tribe want to clean his Sacred Temple's … Continue reading Lizards and the World Wide Wargh


Patrak Forest

Some years ago in a far far away workbench session.... ...The Return of the Ammo Crate What is more adapted to a tabletop game than a real ammo crate? Just put some little scenery inside, paint and basing et voilà! Made it a few years ago and never tested. But a bad illness make me stay to … Continue reading Patrak Forest


Schneerim: The Alchimist

Well, it take a long  half an hour for me to paint a 15mm miniature, but hours were needed for this quite simple figure. I probably would use one or two eternity to do all my schedule.... This is one of the numerous Alchimist that inhabit Schneerim, brewering potions and poisons.