Patrak Forest

Some years ago in a far far away workbench session….

…The Return of the Ammo Crate

What is more adapted to a tabletop game than a real ammo crate? Just put some little scenery inside, paint and basing et voilà! Made it a few years ago and never tested. But a bad illness make me stay to bed. Fever and so on. Nothing is more boring than staying in bed looking at the ceiling, and I reminded this crate and quickly grabbed some 10mm miniatures. Used the one page rule “FUBAR Medieval” to test the game, throwing a dice, spitting a lung, rolling an other dice on a chunk of the other lung.

Well, time for pictures and a few words.

The Ammo Crate: 7,62 for kalash… Made some things when I was young….
Patrak Start
Orks are bottom left, Lizard men defend their ruins and prepare an ambush
Morbeer the great Ork warlord cross the river, ready to invade the Patrak Forest
but Stinkchroom, a Lizard bowman, warns his comrade
and Morbeer must face Flychroom the Lizard master
The Ork’s left wing slowly cross the impetuous waters
Watching from the cliff, Stinkchroom spot the Ork’s right wing, as Morbeer is fighting for his life
Stinkchroom let his arrows fly directly in the heart of an Ork bowman, while his friends get in the back of the right wing
Morwater, only survivor of the right wing, fight fiercly
the left wing finally enter the Patrak forest and easily defeat two lizardmen guarding the cliff’s access
but the center is broken and Morbeer succumb under the Flychroom’s sword
Morwater finally exterminate the lizards, but his master is dead. The Orks flee away bravely

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