Lizards and the World Wide Wargh

Important note: This article can be very shocking for easily offended people. Don’t read it: It contain pictures of Pendraken 10mm miniatures with frontal nudity and other things….

You are warned.

Well, another boring battle report in the ammo box, always coughing and sick.

This time, the Lizard Tribe want to clean his Sacred Temple’s ruins located in the Forest of the World Wide Wargh, and invaded by an amount of strange creatures: a  Web Troll and his ferocious Amazonist bodyguards. Some Popup Skeletons haunt the forest, Spamerz Dwarves are trying to sell you mithril junk and a horde of little Fanboiz leaded by a magical Salezman absolutely want you to accept their point of view. The Lizards cannot longer tolerate such blameworthy behaviours in this Forest. It’s a time of war and suffering.

A Web Troll, ready to throw things at hikers
Amazonists wants to kill every living male, for the purity of their race
Popup Skeletons, random and annoying appearance
Spamerz Dwarves, always trying to sell you something with armed persuasion
The Salezman and his horde of Fanboiz
An aerial view taken from a giant eagle, a Spamerz has been shot by an arrow (bottom right)
Full of rage, the Web Troll throws his angry rocks
Lizard blocked by an annoying Popup
As the Lizard are in a narrow wood, the Salezman take this opportunity but lose his business
A hard fight between Lizards and Spamerz, will the Lizard succumb under the number of those Spamz?
Popups are of an astonishing strength, the Lizards are exhausted
The Fanboiz are disorganized after the lost of their Salezman, an are quickly wiped.
As the Lizards fights their way across the forest, Amazonists quit their hideout for a more strategic position
The Troll throws all sort of things and inflicts some casualties to the Lizards
Rushing Lizards, but the not 300 Amazonist block the way. An attrition fight begin
A lot of Lizard perish under the fatal fury of the fanatics Amazonists…
…until the last of these harpy finally dies. The Troll is afraid and alone, a lot of unspeakable words come out of his mouth, hurting the Lizard’s ears.
The Mighty Web Troll is shamefully defeated by an arrow. The Lizard’s clean up is a success!

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