D’Estoc & de Taille insight

Always sick. I had made some terrain board intended for small size figures (10mm) some years ago. As I’m too sick to use rulers and count fractions of millimetres, those boards were obviously the right choice for a bed-top wargame. Rule used: D’Estoc & de Taille, written in filthy french (and more filthy english) and intended to be played with highly detailed miniatures wonderfully painted but too big for the board. Some 15mm minis can do the work.

Once upon a time in the land of Coughalot…

Game preparation, characters sheets and custom dices
The Goods, from left to right: Tartarin – Soldier, Homlet du Fromage – Knight, Marcel la Poisse – Sergeant
the Bads: Chakracrap – Sergeant, Karmabad – Knight, Alkolseltzer – Soldier
First fight. Chakracrap fails his attack against Homlet, who respond instantly with a strike to Chakracrap’s head
Chakracrap lose check one box on his head, one box on his Courage gauge, and lose one point in Attack and Defense
Karmabad come to the rescue and give a very strong sweep with his sword: Homlet du Fromage screams, his left arm deeply cutted
Homlet check three boxes on his left arm, his Defense is reduced from 12 to 9. A such of painful wound hurt his determination and his Courage gauge take three checks!
Next round. Marcel la Poisse attack Karmabad, hoping to help his master, but fail his attack test. Karmabad quickly retaliate and kill Marcel la Poisse.
One more round. Karmabad hurt Homlet a little. To the head.
The Attack and Defense are lowering, the Courage gauge is almost fully checked
Homlet du Fromage bravely flee from the battlefield, followed by Tartarin
but Alkolseltzer chase the courageous knight for a stroke in the back, but he fail his test of le Nom: Homlet du Fromage renown scares the sergeant who cannot fight.
Tartarin make a last stand to help the escape of his master, he is wounded at the torso
Karmabad and his bad guys laughs at Homlet, they won the battle!

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