Schneerim, a first run

Working again on Schneerim, after a break. Printed draft cards and wrote some basic rules.

Played two encounters, adjusting the rules at each move or fight. Things will be playable soon, maybe.

Stamina and Health gauges, with basic cards
The test range. Only basic picture editing to remove the seams between the background’s elements, the colors are made with LED floodlights
The Giant’s cave at night…
…and with a normal lighting
The Hero must travel through the map, and try to stay alive…
…but some undead want him to joign their burial mound
as a bunch of Foulmehr defend ancient dwarven ruins
but potions can be bought at alchemist’s shops
The Hero, a thief, ready for an adventure
his first opponents are a few Surstroemcloack guards, quickly and stealthy wiped with arrows
as the thief enter a valley, Mah Goths the Magos unleash his powers, but what can do a wizard against the steel of a sword?

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