Honey & Bees: Part 1, The Valley

After a boring test of home rules, I went for another way: role playing rules adapted to tabletop. A large panel of actions is possible for the miniatures and the scenarios can introduce some interesting subtleties. The rule used here is based on the OGL 3.5, stripped down and with some nice tweaks: the “Chroniques Oubliées” in french (Forgotten Chronicles).

The Bards of Glendorf have a contest each year, they must broke a heavy crystal vase with only their voices. It’s been years that Castafiora, the local diva, win this prestigious contest, but a cold breeze recently shut her vocal cords. The only remedy is the rare Wild Honey from the Long Rocher mountains. Castafiora cannot go herself to those mountains, as they are infested by wolves and forsworns: the Forworms tribes.

Some adventurers will certainly do the job.

Valley 1
Lagrippe – thief, Medoc Chambertin – bard, Dovakhin – warrior, Nazbrock – forgesort (a kind of blacksmith)

A long path lead to the mountains, first the Valley entrance, guarded by the Empire’s soldiers. A bridge is the only access to the mountains, and the Empire try to prevent the Forworms to raid Glendorf. Every stranger found in this place will be treated like a spy by the Empire.

Valley 2
An overall view of the Valley entrance
Valley 3
Lagrippe is the fastest, one guard fall…
Valley 4
…then another, as the thief sneak to the tower
Valley 5
Nazbrock can see Dovakhin climb a cliff, but he fail himself to do the same.
Valley 6
The warrior discover an ancient dwarf monument. Old legends tell the story of a long disappeared race of dwarves: the Dwarfhammers. Could this statue belong to those dwarves? An inscription on the statue’s base is readable, a name, Vekus of Mylo.
Valley 7
After a walk on the hill, Dovakhin discover a magnificent panorama. Two guards sleep in a small fort. Too tempting for the warrior.
Valley 8
The sleeping guard sleeps definitely, an arrow deep in his heart. His comrade awaken an search for the culprit
Valley 9
Meanwhile, on the other side of the Valley. The bard has found a way to the tower’s top. The sentinel is looking away and the bard use his acrobatic skill to jump on the tower…
Valley 10
…but the stealth attack fails, it’s a duel to death between a weak bard and a hardened soldier
Valley 11
The thief attacks the soldier guarding the bridge. The soldier flee away, heavily wounded and screaming for help. Lagrippe cannot withstand against a troop and go back to the tower.
Valley 12
Nazbrock sneak along the cliffs, in search for plunder. The soldiers don’t notice him as they are arguing about something (maybe their last dice game was not fair)
Valley 13
Chest and corpse are awaiting to be stolen. The forgesort find a great amount of silver pieces in the chest, but only ropes on the dead guards.
Valley 14
Things go wrong on the tower, the bard is out of combat. Cautious, the soldier look where the bard came from, and decide to explore the place.
Valley 15
He jump on the gap between the tower and the cliff, but without the necessary  acrobatic skill. A scream, and the sound of broken bones.
Valley 16
A nearby patrol is alerted by the scream and rush to the tower…
Valley 17
…pictures of an onslaught on the other side. Dovakhin tried to jump from the cliff to take the guard by surprise, but clumsyness don’t rime with stealth. The soldiers ran to the warrior, and Nazbrock happily came to the rescue
Valley 18
The soldiers fight against a closed door locked by the thief. Lagrippe give some care to the bard
Valley 19
and they safely flee while the soldiers finally enter the tower
Valley 20
The adventurers gathers at the bridge, the journey can begin

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