Honey & Bees: Part 2, Dance with the Wolves

Part 1 here: https://teardropworlds.wordpress.com/2016/04/29/honey-bees-part-1-the-valley/ Our adventurers crossed the bridge and came into a narrow valley surrounded by high cliffs. They must find Wild Honey to heal the voice of the singer Castafiora. Here's an overall view of the valley, the adventurers will progress from left to right. ...and Nazbrock the Forgesort, Dovakhin the Warrior, Medoc Chambertain … Continue reading Honey & Bees: Part 2, Dance with the Wolves


From virtual to reality

Just received a (very) cheap 3D printer and made some tests. Quality of prints can vary hugely and half of the prints are failed, but it was a challenge to try a model designed for a high quality printer service: a grindstone for 15mm miniature made in Blender. A lot of very small details. The … Continue reading From virtual to reality