From virtual to reality

Just received a (very) cheap 3D printer and made some tests. Quality of prints can vary hugely and half of the prints are failed, but it was a challenge to try a model designed for a high quality printer service: a grindstone for 15mm miniature made in Blender. A lot of very small details. The first version didn’t print well as the legs were too thin for the low resolution of the printer. A block was added under the grindstone and a new print made.

Inspiration for the grindstone come from the video game “Skyrim”, but this kind of tool was commonly used in sawmill in the Alps mountains. A grand uncle had such a sawmill and tools some years ago.

The Blender model, with small nails and metal plate.

Meule 1

The printed result, the nails and metal plate are too thin and not printed. The grindstone is on the printing raft, overall length: 20mm. Definitely not as good as a what a quality printer can do, but usable. It’s a pleasure to see a non-existent model come to reality layer after layer. Total printing time: about 40 minutes with a resolution of 0.04 mm by layer.

Meule 2

And the painted grindstone, with a 15mm and 28mm miniature for size comparison.

Meule 3


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