Honey & Bees: Part 2, Dance with the Wolves

Part 1 here: https://teardropworlds.wordpress.com/2016/04/29/honey-bees-part-1-the-valley/

Our adventurers crossed the bridge and came into a narrow valley surrounded by high cliffs. They must find Wild Honey to heal the voice of the singer Castafiora. Here’s an overall view of the valley, the adventurers will progress from left to right.


…and Nazbrock the Forgesort, Dovakhin the Warrior, Medoc Chambertain the Bard and a thief – Lagrippe. They cautiously emerge from the wood, there’s maybe another Empire’s patrol? Lagrippe make a fast and stealthy run, his scouting skill could detect a possible ambush. But soldiers are always better opponent than the threat seen by the thief.


Slowly walking in the valley, searching for his food, a mammoth escorted by his giant shepherd. Lagrippe understand within a few seconds the huge danger and return warn his friends. He then return and try to pass the beast unnoticed, but the mammoth turn his head and look at the thief. Lagrippe’s heart stops for an eternity. He slowly take a handful of grass and throw it to the mammoth, but the giant beast continue to peacefully graze the valley weed.


Nazbrock (a dwarf people of little height) is scared by the giant pachyderm and fears to be crushed under the feets of the beast. The bard propose him to climb the cliffs, and Nazbrock firmly tie a rope on his waist. Medoc use his acrobatic skills to climb the rocks and pull up the dwarf.


They can now travel without the risk of an encounter with the giant and his pet. Their feet touch a soil where nobody has ever walked before.


Well, nobody past a few centuries, as a colossal statue of a Dwarhammer stand on the top of the cliff.


Down below, Lagrippe try to be stealthy, and the giant look at the thief trying to be invisible. The giant walk in the direction of the thief, look at the sky, at the ground, and then go near his pet as Lagrippe is believing in his own discretion.


The giant and the mammoth are looking at the thief, and Dovakhin run in their back. This menace is behind the warrior, some trees cutting the giant’s line of sight


As the warrior disappear in the woods, the bard take the opportunity to search inspiration in this wonderful and ancient place, Nazbrock run to the statue on the search of an ancient loot.

DAL 10

The bard and the forgesort then continue their way, until they meet a five meter gap between the cliff. Nazbrock tie the rope again and asks the bard to throw him on the other side. Medoc’s acrobatic skills are useful and the dwarf land safely on the other side, then the bard (always tied to the dwarf) take a run and jump. And fall. The dwarf feel the rope cut through his leather armour, the suddenly ultra-fat-clumsy-heavy bard balancing ten meters below and screaming to Nazbrock some injunction to not cut the rope. The forgesort use his intelligence skill instead of brutal force, a rock blocking the rope and a tree trunk used like a pulley. A long work and the bard can seat on the top of the cliff.

DAL 11

Dovakhin emerges from the wood, and freeze instantly. A long howling is in the air and the warrior slowly walk back, a pack of wolves is running in a clearing.

DAL 12

Dovakhin jump on a pile of rocks, joined by Lagrippe. The wolves are excited and run around a thing in the centre of the clearing. It’s an arrow festival, the long bow of the warrior taking one wolf after another, as Lagrippe shoot with his short bow. But the sound of the bows strings is eventually spotted by the wolves, who try to assault the two adventurers, as another wolf run to the back of the unfortunate heroes.

DAL 13

The bard and the dwarf come to the rescue, and the bard intone a song to motivate his friends. This gave them all a bonus for all their tests, and Dovakhin go in close combat with the fierce animals, followed by the thief.

DAL 14

Nazbrock feel useless in this fight and walk around. A howling underneath stops him, the lone wolf jumping on the rock’s side in hope to attack the dwarf. Nazbrock yell some unpleasant insults at the beast, moving his axe in a grotesque manner. In a distance, scared by the wolf howling, the mammoth try to flee away.

DAL 15

The giant is greatly irritated by the wolf and charge. One stroke and one dead wolf.

DAL 16

The giant look at the dwarf. The dwarf look at the giant. The giant smiles. The dwarf has a new friend.

DAL 19

Medoc and Lagrippe discover the body of a beekeeper, impaled. A close investigation is needed, and evidence are found: the Forworms tribe has killed the apiarist.

DAL 17

Meanwhile, Dovakhin has found a Wild Honey apiary filled with a small amount of delicious honey.

DAL 18

The adventurers are exhausted and hungry. A wolf meat barbecue with a honey sauce give their strength back.    ….but all the honey is gone with this feast. They must search deeper in those mountains.



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