Honey & Bees Part 3: An Intermezzo

Part 1 and 2 here:

Our heroes have discovered an apiary full of wild honey, quickly used for a wolf meat feast. They must now cross the Long Rocher mountain foothills. A flock of bird suddenly fly as the sound of a distant battle ring in the air.

Calciumo, the great wizard of the Glendorf jarl, is on a trail to reach an ancient and forgotten statue of Mefitica, the Stinking goddess. A convoy and two units of brave Empire’s soldiers are with him, to help and protect.

An Intermezzo 1
Overall view of the foothills
An Intermezzo 2
A slow advance for the convoy, in a narrow pass. Could it be dwarves on the heights?
An Intermezzo 3
Mefitica statue is in Calciumo’s sight. Only a few yard for the wizard to begin his research
An Intermezzo 4
Zu-rich dwarves planned an ambush and throw trunk to the Empire’s soldiers. The convoy is halted
An Intermezzo 5
Strange words are yelled in a guttural and incomprehensible language
An Intermezzo 6
The fierce inhabitant of the mountain throw more trunks
An Intermezzo 7
Prouds Empire’s soldiers are disorganized and succumb to the dwarves onslaught
An Intermezzo 8
But the soldiers are brave and climb the hill, only to be pushed back. Is dying from a fall better than by a double handed axe?
An Intermezzo 9
Soldiers are like thin trees under the dwarf’s blades
An Intermezzo 10
A sniper has spotted Calciumo and take a crossbow shot, but the heavy shield of the soldiers protect them
An Intermezzo 11
Distracted by the sniper, they don’t notice a dwarf unit in ambush
An Intermezzo 12
On the convoy side, only one soldier remain. A inglorious escape for the Empire’s elite soldier.
An Intermezzo 13
A harsh and deadly melee begin, soldiers ready to die to protect Calciumo
An Intermezzo 14
The convoy is now the legal property of the dwarfs…
An Intermezzo 15
…quietly returning to their homes
An Intermezzo 16
Calciumo’s guards dies but don’t surrender
An Intermezzo 17
Calciumo must postpone his research and flee
An Intermezzo 18
And our heroes? While Calciumo’s expedition is exterminated, they found the dwarf’s camp. A good occasion to replenish their bags with fresh food and sharpen their weapons.

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