Small Print Quality

Close pictures of terrain scenery, painted.

First, the blacksmith.

Extruder head 0.4mm – material PLA –  glass bed 55°, extruder 210°. No infill, no support but brim 8mm. PLA: black 3D Ink (odorless)


  • Main building, 0.100mm. About 7 hours for printing.
  • Main roof, 0.120mm. 7 hours.
  • Side building, 0.06mm. 4 hours
  • Side roof, 0.100. 3 hours (not pictured).

Barrel, anvil and pot: Head 0.2, layer 0.04. Near impossible to obtain a good result with the Duplicator i3 with a such small head. Head 0.2 and 0.3 tested and mostly failed. The Copplestone Barbarian 15mm miniature is here as a standard measurement unit.

i3 Forge

Next, the castle’s tower. Not a good print. Used a 0.6mm extruder head, layers at 0.150 and overall speed settings higher. Only one hour to print each piece, but with a badly hurting result. Material: PLA, grey FormFutura, temperature 220° (stinking)

i3 Tower 1i3 Tower 2i3 Tower 3


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