Honey &Bees Part 4: In the Hall of the Mountain King

We meet with our adventurers again. Dovakhin the mighty warrior, Nazbrock the Blacksmith Enchanter, Medoc Chambertain the bard, and Lagrippe the thief.

It’s been a few days of walk since they avoided the battle between dwarfs of Zurich and the Empire’s lost expedition. Their search for Wild Honey was laborious and vain, no bees sighted. Dissensions and angry mood between the adventurers are slowly mining their morale. As arguments and dispute occurs, they come to a bridge over a small river.

Overall view of the board, LED projector are used to give a nice ambiance.


The bridge over the river, and the Hall. An ancient ruin build some centuries ago.


Lagrippe take the left path, the thief cannot longer listen to the bard’s voice. He prefer to continue alone, hoping to quickly find honey and go back to Glenford without the fellow members of the expedition.


A stealthy and cautious walk, Lagrippe spots a dark goblin’s patrol.


These are the Foulmehr, a nasty and cannibal kind of humanoid.



The Foulmehr are not a threat for the thief, and are quickly defeated


The party go to the right path, but the bard feel something in the air, could it be an ambush?


A lone Foulmehr is watching the road. He shot an arrow to the warrior. Dovakhin scream from pain and rage.


The warrior take his longbow and give back an arrow…. Bad dice and critical failure: The arrow nock was worn, and the string of the powerful bow cut the arrow in two part. A charge under the goblin’s flying arrows, a massive gesture with a longsword, the goblin is cut in half.


The scream of the dying Foulmehr is heard by his band, resting and cooking a few yards away.



The goblins rush to the ennemy, only to be slayed by the dwarf’s staff. The bard sing an epic song, giving courage to his friend (and a bonus for all tests).


Foulmher’s bowmen flee away


A wounded goblin covers the escape of the bowmen and defend the bridge until death kills him. If courage was a goblin word, and it’s not. The last goblin flee after a few gesticulations.


Dovakhin take a look at the goblin’s camp. They were cooking, and their dinner’s meat is waiting in a cage. An old and wise man, called Balthasius, ask to be freed. As Dovakhin hesitate, Balthasius offer to give a long forgotten secret in exchange of his freedom: The Legendary Dragon Shout! Dovakhin quickly broke the cage’s lock and help Balthasius to exit his prison.


Meanwhile, Lagrippe climb the statue supporting the Hall. It’s not a great challenge for a such agile thief, but there’s a big and bad surprise on top of the Hall…


A Troll is guarding the hall. It will not be possible to pass without being noticed and Lagrippe think to climb down, but suddenly the troll look away: an extraordinary scream is echoing in the mountains, slowly fading. A shout that was not heard since eons and eons: Fus Roh Da. The troll begin to walk in the direction of the scream, and the thief take the opportunity


Medoc and Nazbrock are chasing the  surviving Foulmehr


But it’s a trap!


The approximative precision of the Foulmehr’s shooting is sufficient to take down the bard. Nazbrock is like a sitting duck on the bridge, all his past life and memories dances in his head as the goblin’s arrows whistle around him.


The storm of arrows stops, and Nazbrock hear a roaring. A rock crush a Foulmehr, a troll follows the rock. All the Foulmehr turn in direction of this new threat. A bowman shot at the troll but miss, his arrow nearly wound another goblin. The bowmen is considered like a traitor by another goblin and furious fights occurs between the goblins, the troll taking his toll and reaping goblins like dry wheat.


And Lagrippe?  The thief is escaping another troll


The monster was watching a chest, the sound of a pebble made the troll walk away and the thief took the loot and walked away. But not stealthy. Did you know that some troll have very good ears? Lagrippe was not knowing.


A deadly chase, the thief cross the Hall


On the other side, the last Foulmehr begin a desperate fight, the sound of footsteps can be heard behind the troll who turn back, letting alive the last Foulmehr


Lagrippe is now in big trouble (health less than 10 for Lagrippe, 60 for the trolls)


The thief has no choice………..


…he jump off the Hall edge, trying not to fall. The two trolls really want him dead. The last Foulmehr and the adventurers take this wonderful opportunity and safely cross the Hall of the Mountain King


A deadly fall or eaten alive? Lagrippe don’t choose. His hands slips, a ten meter fall. A thief is kind like a cat, maybe not nine lives, only dexterity.


The way to the Mountain Pass. And a troll. Again.


The adventurer’s level is not high enough for a fight against a troll. Dovakhin shout his FusRohDa and project the Foulmehr against the troll


Only a few seconds and the goblin is a red porridge, the adventurers flee victoriously!


Lagrippe can no longer take the road and must follow the river, limping along after his fall.


…to be continued…


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