Low budget TV production

Teardropworlds present:

A Broke & Poor production, featuring the (in)famous international spy James Blond in…..


Producing a film is too expensive for the most of us, especially films with a lot of action and exotic locations. I have been keeping an eye on the rule set from Crooked Dice –  7TV – from some years, but there is plenty of other things in life. The fall of the British pound and a very nice voucher, plus a boxed edition of the game: surely a conspiracy leaded by very British editors to force unfortunate and lobotomised gamers (like me) to buy their products.

A small amount of scenery is needed, and only a handful of miniatures. But how build a modular scenery simulating a low budget TV set?

Maybe with low budget technologies?

A little work in a 3D software let imagine the possibility of a very simple design:

7TVSet Blender

Pieces of walls and pillars interconnecting, a small gap of 200 micron between the connexions seemed overly sufficient and I made holes in the design for a wire helping the walls to stay together. The wire is not really needed once printed and painted as the small gap is just enough.


A quick first try. Paper printed walls are maintained by clips (printed in transparent plastic) on the plastic printed walls. The clips are too tight and must be re-designed.


Some minors flaw with the design of the parts, I forgot to do the hinge hole on the top of the walls. There’s no way to remove the hinge wire once in place. The top hole would let another wire push out the hinge.

Next step: print more walls. A lot more.


Professor Frankfurtensauerkrautmitkleinschnaebli warning his assistant, the Dr. Ing. Sprumpf.


End of the episode.


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