Control Room

Every Master of the World need some complex computers and office tools, a Space Laser or a Coffee machine can’t be properly used without a control room full of blinking lights.

I have a contract for the ONE (Overly Nefarious Evil leaded by No 2 – the Prof. Stormveisung), to produce a line of high tech furnitures.

There some furniture on commercial sites, but modelling your own furniture is definitely needed to be a real Evil Mastermind. I went for a very simple design in Blender, a master console with rails for modules. Buttons are soooooo small, 2 by 1 millimetres. It’s a task for a brand new Wanhao D6 (I was swearing to not buy a Wanhao after all the trouble with the i3). The only work to do on the D6 after unpacking was tighten some screws. The Z-stop switch was slightly moving and the head (200°) made a small hole in the build surface. Setting the Z, putting locktite on the bed Z screw that was moving without the need of a wrench and voilà!

The console is printed at 100 micron layers, while the modules are at only 20 micron. The first prints are not as good I was hoping, the stock 0.4 head being a bit large for such details. I’m waiting for a 0.2 head.

The printed set, about 6 hours of hard work for the D6. The ugly upper right module has been undercoated with a white gesso. Magic of halogen light make you see it grey. And ugly.

Console 1

Modules glued, console undercoated.

Console 2

And another picture with size reference (metric system). I plan to print a lot of different modules, maybe inspired by old music studio racks. There’s a lot of music stuff in old sci-fi movies, all those littles lights, faders and potentiometers are more interesting to see than real control room things.

Console 3



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