O.N.E Shot Twice

Somewhere near London, august 1969.

The O.N.E. (Overly Nefarious Evil) bought a chemical plant, their horrible project is to destroy the English spirit by replacing the Five o’clock tea by a toxic beverage made with bubbles and sugar: the Caco Cola.  A O.N.E’s success would be the end of Britannia, the crows would flee from the tower of London, and the Kingdom fall into diabetes and obesity. The I.C.Y. (I See You) send their best Operative, Tall Blond, to stop the mephitic work of the O.N.E. But it’s a complex affair, KGB agent are already in the factory for an unknown reason.

The mission:

  • find the computer’s perforated cards
  • find and interrogate the scientists
  • terminate the factory administrator

The Factory, overall view. No light show this time, but a mandatory and ugly lava lamp. A vintage year ambiance. Music: soundtrack from the game “The Operative – No One Lives Forever” PS2.

1 OneShotTwice

Unlike most of the 7TV films, there’s three faction: The ICY, the ONE and the KGB (two spies and two ninja). The KGB motives are trouble, and they can be played by both parties for a modest cost of two plot points per activation, once per turn. The scientist obey to those who are in base contact and are activated with two plot points too.

Let the show begin………….

Act One

2 OneShotTwice

The ICY forces search the park. Nothing except those ugly cars. Only criminal mastermind can accept to drive in such hideous things.

3 OneShotTwice

Tall Blond (with a black shoe) run to the factory entrance. Gunshots!

4 OneShotTwice

Bodyguards are protecting Mr. Big and fight against the intruders.

5 OneShotTwice

As the heroic ICY extras cover the entrance, Blond climb the wall to discover some bio-hazardous tank.

6 OneShotTwice

It’s a cold shower of hot lead given by the ICY, the bodyguards fall as Mr. Big flee.

7 OneShotTwice

Mr Big run as fast as he can, his minion ready to die in terrible suffering as their boss hide himself.

8 OneShotTwice

The sound of the shoot-out come to the administrator’s ear, he must protect the Caco-Cola secret recipe. Erasing the computer is not possible: no floppy disks but only perforated cards. The Admin had the idea to eat the cards or burn them, but his shaking hands don’t let him grab the card from the slot. He should have maybe equip a gas mask?

9 OneShotTwice

The first room is cleaned by the ICY, minions are frozen in the next room – carefully hidden.

10 OneShotTwice

In the garden.

Blond pass a mind test to retrieve a card from a control machine. Suspens. Success.

11 OneShotTwice

End of Act One.


Act Two

The ONE activate a KGB Ninja

12 OneShotTwice

Plot twist: the ICY was ready. Sayonara Ninja.

13 OneShotTwice

Terminating the Ninja had given some confidence to the ICY members, surely too much as they are quickly defeated by the minion’s small machine guns. Not Holidays on ICY, but blood on the floor.

14 OneShotTwice

Blond jumps easily in the control room, his natural charism weaken the KGB spy. Taking advantage of the spy’s hesitation, an ICY extra kills the KGB man. The scientist is alone, and very afraid. Blond ask him to retrieve the card from the computer, the scientist enter a code on the keyboard and grab the card, and take a sprint, escaping Blond.

15 OneShotTwice

The factory’s exit is so close……….

16 OneShotTwice

End of Act Two



Deep inside the plant, another KGB spy is in a strong argument with another scientist. Words are fast and deadly, bullets are loud and angry. The scientist fall on the ground.

17 OneShotTwice

What is the purpose of this agent? A double agent? Do the ONE work with the KGB? or the soviets maybe like tea and don’t want see this drink be replaced by capitalist cola?

18 OneShotTwice

Meanwhile in the corridors and nearly alone, a tough detective spot a red barrel. A powerful revolver shot and a liquid flow on the ground…

19 OneShotTwice

…followed by an explosion. One of the last minion of the ONE take fire. Has the ICY agent burned to death the minion?

20 OneShotTwice

And what about the escaping scientist? He’s been caught by the ICY, the perforated card is now safe.

21 OneShotTwice

The burning minion has extinguished the fire and burn now with revenge, the detective cannot walk further and must retreat, not knowing the minion’s agony.

22 OneShotTwice

Mr. Big was not too far, seeing his employee burn and die give him a discrete smile: no need to pay the dead! As Mr. Big is lost in his thoughts, the soviet spy open a door and take a shot at the underworld boss. The guns are shaken, so the talk will be agitated.

23 OneShotTwice

Tall Blond and the ICY survivors escapes from the chemical plant with their prisoner, the detective covering their back.

24 OneShotTwice



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