7TV technical scenery

A great film always need great scenery, and great scenery take a long time to be built. Using mainly 15mm figures and accessories, my new 7TV set was a little bit naked. As a very lazy model maker, the 28mm scenery is a punishment: think about longs hours of cutting your fingers assembling cardboard, having glue everywhere on your clothes except on the model and a long and painful session of “trying to hide mistakes with a huge coat of paint”. We are happily living in the twenty first century and 3D printers avoid nasty cuts in flesh (you just burn your fingers with the printing head instead).

Spies need gadget, but evil villainous need huge secret bases full of stuff with small buttons and flashing lights.

The concept: Printing this stuff with plastic! Every piece must be different from the other, but a lazy and amateur designer would not spend days drawing each console. Plot twist: modular consoles and only four modular panels assembled at random.

The console after a few hours on Blender, for two modules. The four module console is the same, only stretched.


A few hours more see the birth of the modular panels. One of them is based on the famous Fairchild 670, so expensive I could only model one channel. Those module are made with very simple shapes, rectangular button are one millimetre high and two millimetre long. Designing the 670 was a little more tricky, as 3D printers heads have serious limits with very small objects.


A first test print with the original 0.4 head and 0.02 mm layers wasn’t convincing, the use of a 0.2 head with thicker layers of 0.06 mm give a largely better result, as the 670’s VU-meter’s needle is printed.

Below: printer in action, close to the end. Four hours are needed. Painting figurines and doing other things while listening to the mechanical printer song.


Panels and console printed. The console itself is printed faster with layers of 0.1 mm and the standard 0.4 head. The scientist is here for the scale and technical supervision.

Panels 3

A modular close shot. The ruler (metric units) give you an idea of the extraordinary finesse of the print. Done with a mid priced chinese printer.

Panels 2

The ONE (Overly Nefarious Evil) will be happy: command console to drive a space laser, a nuclear reactor, a total control awareness  device or the coffee machine.

Panels 4

That’s all for today.

Best Regards

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