A Bridge too Far…. RAM’s death

Virtual sculpt for printing purpose need a high amount of polygons. The bridge’s mesh (object sculpted) has been kept the most simple I could, and printed at a layer resolution of 100 micron. Layers are obvious on the sides. Disappointed by the result, an idea struck my head while modelling the pillars: why not apply a noise texture on the mesh?

A few minutes later… computer slowed to death, a million polygons eating voraciously the RAM memory. Decimating the mesh to lower the number of poly, then re-decimate again. The noise texture is very light ans so small, it could not be printed at first sight. But after the first test, the result is really good and layers can almost not be seen again.

On the picture below:

Bridge (up) with layers lines, and pillar (down) with a rough and pleasing visual aspect.




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