The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

An harmonica, a sunset, a duel and a lot of spaghetti’s. A western “movie”filmed in 28mm is taking place in my room in a few days, just enough time left to build a handful of houses.

The Good concept: easy storage and quick build.

A wire view of the house:


The Bad work. A few days of headache trying to sculpt planks, failing to do correct boolean operations in the software lead me to a new and lazy concept: modular walls with cardboard planks glued. One full day to print a house, and another day for the cardboard work.

Walls are printed without the beautiful planks modelled with love in blender. Others building are printed while cutting and gluing the planks.


The Ugly result. A better result will be obtained for a few dollars more by adding a sign and a final touch of paint.




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