Western House

The result for the previously made house was definitely ugly, adding cardboard warped the panels and was long and tedious. As a good lazy man, why do something in one hour with your hand when you can do it in only a few days, on a computer, and then let the printer do the hard work?

First rule of the Utter Lazyness: reuse everything that can be reused and only add a minimum. Gone for sculpting some planks in Blender and knowing nothing about it. Spent an afternoon drawing curved line.


Then applied the wonderful piece of art as a stencil in the sculpt tool and inflated the planks. Done eight of those, then trim the planks with boolean tool, verify the non-manifoldness of the things, and spent a few hours more to correct badly intersected faces.


Final result in Blender.

Original planks on the right, objects used for boolean work on the left and the magnificent front of house in the center.


Object exported and sliced, five hours of print and final result.

That’s all Folks…


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