Building a country

You can find more on this wonderful country HERE

Architecture in Patatas is mainly constitued by cheap houses and adobe houses. A basic design and a long print session. Are these blocks giving a complete town?


No. More blocks are needed, around two kilograms of plastic (four pounds) are planned for a decent result. The blocks already printed give a small casbah.


Cars are present in Patatas, from big and old limousines to trucks. There’s was a bargain in a model shop, and my wallet made some exercises to loose extra paper-fat, resulting in an impressive park. Those are rail road models in HO scale, a little big for 15mm miniatures but visually acceptable.



On the workbench: El Che Patatras and the revolutionary Patateros, quickly and badly painted. I’m getting old and my sight has fallen this past year, my painting standard follow the line.


While the varnish coat dries on the small soldiers, a Blender and print session give some markers for the game. I intend to use Five Core with the add-ons Brush War and Sandbox. Markers are useful for tracking the miniatures hiding, knocked down and so on…


And now a sneak peak in a dramatic event: The Patateros ambushing a governement train.


The revolutionary group used a current construction site to block the rails




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