Last Train for Kartengra

Railways transports are a strategic issue for the government in Patatas, as they allow to move quickly troops and armoured vehicles – predominately in the jungle covered south. The Capital-Marxist rebellion (Los Patateros) is well informed, and they use a construction site to ambush a convoy. They plan to destroy the armoured vehicle carried on the train and steal what they can. The government’s soldiers aboard are anxious as the train enters a tunnel, there have been some clashes with the rebels few days ago. More about the Patatas country HERE

A meticulously preparation is needed for such a train robbery: dices, marker, army list, random events chart and essential survival comestible provisions. The rule used is Five Core, an it’s stated that this rule is better enjoyed with metal music. I  don’t have this kind of thing in stock, so the musical background will be different, but somewhat better pertinent: a Bob Marley playlist including “War” and “No More Trouble”.


A loud “Pshiiiit” from the beer and the war begin. A squad of Patateros is dropped by an helicopter and secure the construction site: all clean, no enemies in sight.


A support squad came in a utility van on the site’s heights.


The demolition team take cover, waiting for the train. One of the rebels carry the explosive charge. We can see the helicopter’s pilot waiting in the background. He is not part of the rebellion and have been convinced to help the Patateros with the irrefutable argument of an AK47 pointed at his head.


Schedules are not tight in Patatas, but the train manage to be on hour. A shrill sound break the air and the ears, the locomotive stops just before an unexpected obstacle.


Fearing a trap, the government’s soldier quickly go out of their wagon and deploy. They know , some of them will not go back home today…. The Caporal Manioc yell at his men, they must protect the armoured vehicle carried on the train while Manioc will manage to flee bravely alert the distant Head Quarter. He should use some truck parked on the site or even persuade the helicopter’s pilot to help him.


A powerful vehicle sitting like a duck. No ammo and no fuel on board.


Two POO soldiers (government) manage to cross the rails, but are welcomed by a lead rain. The picture is slightly blurred, the photographer feared for his life as some bullets were playing ricochets around.


Los Patateros are taking an advantage, they try a shot again the armoured vehicle using an antitank weapon, but no success. The POO is blocked, and some of them take an alternative path in hope to outflank the Patateros.


A rebel is placing the explosive charge…..


Heavy fights between the two party, everybody carefully hide behind cover.


A Patateros eventually rush close to the POO position and take a government soldier by surprise. A deadly hand to hand occur, the POO hit the ground. The Patateros try to gain an advantage on the other POO but is taken out of action before.


There’s heavy fire exchange, the Caporal Manioc is knocked down. A bad luck while a recovery attempt, the wound was too serious and Manioc is out of action. The POO has a bad day…


…a very bad day. The explosive charge destroy efficiently the wagon and the vehicle. So efficiently… a Patateros was just at the limit of the explosion, a shrapnel take him out of action.


POO’s soldiers flees, Pataeros execute a strategic retreat, they lost their heavy weapon in random (and infortunate) events. Nobody can keep the ground, Patateros only half failed their objectives while POO lost an officer.



Five Core is an interesting rule, careful thinking is needed as not every figure can move each turn, and the Random Event chart adding a lot to a game.


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