French Fries

Life is quiet at Kartengra, a small town located in the southern part of Patatas. Local loyalist forces are coached by the french soldiers of the Mouvement International de Libération Français (M.I.L.F.). News are not good, loyalist were waiting for a brand new armoured vehicle delivered by the railway, an ambush leaded by the Los Patateros (Capital-Marxist rebellion) destroyed the train. Sad story here.

Rule used: Five Core and add-ons.

Loyalist Objectives: Defend the town

Patateros Objectives: Convert citizens to the Capital-Marxist doctrine, control the city.

There six zone to control, at least one figure must be in the zone with no ennemy:

  1. Gas Station
  2. Mechanic Workshop
  3. Market Place
  4. Market Stalls
  5. The Church
  6. The Railway Station


The MILF leader is briefing the loyalists, and everybody is ready for fight.


Frenchies inspecting the mechanic workshop, all clear


Local forces take position near the gas station, the brand new SWAT vehicle has been stolen from the Al Charabia rebellion supported by the US of A.


While French and Patatos take their briefing, a squad of Los Patateros silently infiltrate the town.


One of them try to convert an honourable citizen of the huge benefits of the Capital-Marxist doctrine. And miserably fail.


Civilians flee as gunfights can be heard in the city. The MILF pass on the train… trying to keep ground under a heavy machine gun fire. Los Patateros have taken the church and wipe the town from the bell tower.


The officer’s briefing is postponed, but their sector remain calm.


A MILF’s squad take cover in a building, they must defend the Market Place, Los Patateros are hidden behind the Market Stall, on the other street side.


Two Patateros are in a building, generously spraying the Mechanic Workshop with a light machine gun. The MILFs are Knocked Down and Panicked under this bullets storm.


One french is taken out of action in the railway station, the light machine gun from the church is ringing the MILF…..


……and then take out of action the french officer, the rest of the squad hide and panic.


Meanwhile in the gas station, Los Patateros are blocked, until one of them successfully blast the loyalists entrenched in the shop. Nothing more effective than an Anti-tank weapon.


Gunfight between the Patateros in the gas station and the French in the mechanic workshop. The French are fries…..


Moral down, the MILF evacuate the workshopff-14

The remaining loyalist of the Popular Oligarchic Organisation rout, bravely followed by the surviving MILF officer.


Los Patateros conquered the town. Bad news for Aristide Dujambon, life-president of Patatas. Theses are not small usual troubles, a war is beginning…..


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