A Diet for a Fat Dragon

After a hard month of work for the printer, and an even more hard work for the brushes, here is the replacement of my old Hirst Art plaster dungeon. Lighter (2 kg against 20kg) with clips that allow rooms and corridor to be assembled separately, then put on the table when needed.


Printed with 200 micron layers, as fast as the printer can do. Misprinted piece are used as ruined walls, as can be seen on the picture below: the corner down left was broken but a thick layer of plastic has been added with the help of a cheap printer pen.


This marvellous modular dungeon for 28mm figures is big and need a few storage boxes. No need to mention the time needed for the print. Could those files be printed faster at a more convenient size? Say no more! Same layer height than the normal size.

The piece pictured below have an overall height of 34mm. Layers are clearly visible, but will be barely noticeable when undercoated with gesso and painted

Fat15 3

The main concern was the Dragonlock system, would the clips be printable and strong enough? – here is the result:

On the right – normal size, on the left – printed at 65 percent. The tiles are 16mm wide, while most of the 15mm miniatures bases are an obvious 15mm diameter (metal washers)

Fat15 1

First room complete. The clips are very small, the assembly is somewhat fragile but definitely useable. Fat Dragon can now be called Thin Dragon…..

Fat15 2

There’s not a lot of option for playable buildings interiors, next step is to test print the modular Timber House. Will the post be sturdy enough? those tiny thin walls will stay attached to the printer bed or break loose?

Once again, the print is a success! Same profile than for normal size.

Let’s have a full village! …..and time to repair once again the dead printer.

Fat15 4


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