Dungeon Adventurers

Some recent paintings, in 28mm. Bad sight – as the years go passing by… Mostly block painting with some lighter colors added. 

Some soldiers, ready to die horribly explore wonderful places. A mix of  fantasy Frostgrave and historical Fireforge miniatures.


Shields decorations are totally unhistorical, maybe…


Barbarian and soldier from Frostgrave.


A bunch of sympathetic librarian. As I am working on a fantasy world since ten years, I finally found the ideal figures with Frostgrave Cultists. They protect books and knowledge in a low fantasy small world: the Teardrop World.


Adventurers and soldiers need a high dose of comfort after their fights. And beer. Taverns can bring happiness and drunkness, but a tavern is not a real perdition place without Acrobats.


And now, two real Heroes who can fight awful monsters under the bed and travel across lava floor-field. A mighty Paladin and a fierce Thief, armed with dangerous swords and dagger forged in the strongest wood available.



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