Operation Kleinhund (Sabotage!)

More to come soon! just a sneak peek!

Nazism and second World War never took place. But OGRE (Organisation Goulag Revolutionnaire Est) – the communist gulag – and the CACA (Corporation Anarcho-Capitaliste Americaine) – the Anarcho-Capitalists of America, have invaded Europe. The GEL (Groupe Europeen Libre) flee to a secret Antarctic base with their scientists, and try to reconquer Europe. Europe is split between OGRE and CACA, while civilian resistance help the GEL.

GEL have access to an astonishing technology, flying discs helps to infiltrate operatives, Vampyr night vision googles allow easy infiltration of the OGRE and CACA bases.

CACA are a corporation army and each soldier must pay himself for the ammunition used, his gun and equipment. Some elite units are sponsored by renowned firms (Red Helmets are sponsored by Caca-Cola, the multi-energetic drink).

OGRE forces are VERY motivated, only heroic action can avoid them some cultural enjoyment in a nearby gulag.

Home rules mechanics based on OPEX (french rule) Combat Zone and USE ME. Rules for arming/disarming bombs, cutting wire fences, cutting phones lines, snipers, using grappling iron etc.

CACA forces are on the way to Kleinhundsburg, Germany. The GEL must protect their scientists and exfiltrate them to Antarctica. CACA forces are here to capture the base, secure the castle of Kleinhundsburg, and go back to their base to write a report (five copies). Here is  some reco pictures taken by american MIB agents (Men In Business).

Left: Kleinhundsburg Castle and underground base. Right: the pastoral view of the Schwarzwald forest


A close view of the underground base:

OKL Base



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