King of War in 4 mm

A complete army of night Goblins was painted a few years ago. With Goblin catapult, Giant, some Orcs, fanatics etc. My opponent was playing with a Bretonian army adapted for the rule “King of War”, but never finished to paint his huge 28mm figures. Not speaking about the  massive surface needed for a quite small battle, involving near two hundred miniatures. Having too few events of this kind each couple of year, why not play solo, with microscopic armies printed home?

An hour of work in Blender later: Strips of soldiers, of a good 4 mm to the eye.

KoW4mm 2

Freshly printed, still hot. O deception, the beautifully sculpted face are not visible. Too small. Print quality not very good. Temperature lowered for the next print.

KoW4mm 3

Two strips painted in a handful of minutes. The gigantic miniature is 15 mm to the eye.

Next strips planned: Cavalry, elephant, war machine…. maybe.

KoW4mm 1



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