3D Printed 4mm micro-army

After a few test, production began. Low temperature for PLA – about 182°, low print jerk – 5mm/s, low print speed – 15mm/s. Better result. Cavalry modelled and printed, then bowmen modelled. Quick paint of 96 infantry figures and 28 cavalry in less than 3 hours (undercoat, drying time and coffee time included).

Army4 1

A close view of a cavalry strip.

Army4 2

Bowmen units freshly printed….

Army4 4

… and fast painted, view front and back. Next step: basing.

Army4 5

Heavy cavalry made, horses and knight redesigned with more basic shapes. Arms and leg can now be visible.

Sliced in Cura 2.4

  • Layer – 0.05 mm
  • Inner wall – 0.4
  • Outer wall – 0.38
  • Inner speed – 15/20
  • Outer speed – 15
  • Jerk control – ON
  • Jerk print – 5 mm/s
  • Jerk Travel speed – 15 mm/s
  • First Layer Temp – 205° (better adhesion on the bed)
  • Tweak at layer 14 – Temp 180

Army4 6

… and a test for a more recent era, a firing line of musket. Not happy with the result.

Army4 7


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