Leather, Feather & String

My nephew was asking for a bow some years ago, a very good experience with “treks” in the woods, campfires, beers and great hunts against SRT targets (deer and fox).

After two years of pause, back to archery. It’s not because I received an arrow to the knee, but I no longer have currently the physical capacity to use a 45 lb takedown recurve. I bought a cheap longbow – 45 lb too (using the same arrows) but softer to draw.

Arrows used before were alloy with a camo paint. Not very candy eye with a longbow. Made some wood arrow, clumsily cut feather and glued them. Tested and approved, but the bow is violently shaking.


The original string is thin and very fast, a thicker home made flemish string give a more pleasant result, the bow is now very silent.


A bad surprise, the foam target and shooting bag were so used…. the arrows went through. I always miss the official and boring FITA targets. Let’s paint a coffee bag and stuff it with plastic bags and piece of old foam targets. The bag is light and can be bound everywhere, at home or in woods.



Next step: a quiver. I already have a few, but sculpting leather is a wonderful hobby.

The first was made with calf, very thin and fragile – more a decoration than a real quiver (ugly camo arrows pictured inside).


Working on a more surdy version, dwarf design. No pocket, allowing for a bigger sculpt. the strap is already embossed, the quiver is traced. A load of work in perspective. Strap design from the game “Skyrim”, Gillur the dwarf painted by kerembeyit found on Deviant Art : kerembeyit Gallery




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