12 days to Frostgrave ……….2

Day 2

The paint workbench was littered with billions (rough estimation) of paint pots and miscellaneous stuff. Launch a print, then use an hour to displace stuff from the table to another place. After the successful cleaning operation, an amount of 20 cm by 20 cm was obtained between mountains of various things. Enough for a base coat work.

A few hours (and a cheese fondue) after, the first batch of printed parts is covered with guesso. I paint slower than a slug – alas not the 12 gauge kind but more like the snail kind.


A quick reading of the Frostgrave rule and a new problem: each miniature is treated as an RPG NPC: Health points, items in the inventory, skills…. Hard to keep track of statistics for ten figure, while having the memory of a dead mammoth.

A small Blender session, a test print, and voilà! The basing base to stick under the base…… Add a little tape, and each figure have it’s name on it. Un-stick the basing base to use the figure normally.

My 20mm bases are now BIGGER than YOUR 20mm bases.



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