12 days to Frostgrave ……..4

4? where is three? Lost in time. Taking too much time to paint, not speaking of those printers – slower than an asmathic sloth.

Painted small bits of scenery yesterday, lowered my paint standard. All the bits on the picture are printed home – but none of them is a home design.


Today was in ruins. Quick brushing and no details. Printer line are clearly visible on the ruined wall, left of picture.


As wet paint was attacking my fingers with an incredible savagery, letting the element of scenery targeted by the brush perfectly clean, the old chinese printer was working hard. Two bend road walls to paint tomorrow. This week-end will see a pause in my twelve days challenge. My nephew is ready to annihilate my UNSC space fleet in a Full Thrust journey. Preparing the battle need a full friday, loosing the game take a full saturday, and then sunday for existential questions about time, matter, fundamental waves of the deep universes…..

Back to work on Frostgrave monday.



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