Frost Trade

Frostgrave is a nice rule, but sorry for the author – I really don’t like magus and spells. I had a plan when buying this rule: distort it. An ancient city lost in snow, full of forgotten gems, loot, artefact of great price. Did this attract only magus and necromancers? No. Mostly greedy merchants, who see in this dead city an extraordinaire opportunity to make a fabulous gain. And sells their loot to adventurous magus.

Merchants cannot fight, they are weak and need an escort of brave soldiers to protect them. Merchants cannot escalate ruins or enter decaying buildings, they only give orders to their hired men. Merchants can hardly defend themselves, but they can yell and scream, shout and call, so their men can come to the rescue. Enemies too can hear and come.

Here is Vestibule, poor merchant, and his bodyguards. Just arrived one day ago, they are ready to explore the ruins leading to the city of Feldstadt.


The old graveyard, last house of many unfortunate explorers, is inhabited by armoured skeletons of a bad temper.


Wolves and wind howl in the deserted passages.


The city arches and derelict houses host a number of giant rats, too numerous to be wolf’s food.


Vestibule the merchant dispatch his men, Norbert is sent in an old tower flanking a cliff…


… and is greeted by a wolf, as soon he emerge from the stairs. The powerful jaws of the beast nearly kill the soldier. A deadly fight, until the wolf die.


Vestibule explore some streets, Langlois – his bodyguard – fight against another wolf, and loose some blood (as well some pride too). While this fight happens, Audric the archer must face giant rats. Audric win the deadly fight, his clothes win plenty of holes. Damn those sharp rat’s teeth.


Audric can eventually help Langlois. Vestibule continue his walk without noticing the raging skirmishes.


More skilled with swords, Bastien clean the graveyard and find an interesting loot.


Almost dead, Norbert explore the cliff’s summit and find some loot. The wounded soldiers quickly join Vestibule, the day ends – time to establish a new camp.




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