Night Goblins (home made)

While working on a scenery for Frostgrave in 15mm, the mailman put a book in my postbox: King of War. The rule for mass battles with plenty of big miniatures. I already have an army of Night Goblins made for the defunct Warhammer, and liked the look and sharpness of all thoses pikes and noses. You cannot touch those goblin without hurting your fingers: Sharp pike (ouch), take the mini more carefully. Sharp nose (re-ouch and bird names). The logical way was to re-design the Night Goblins with safer weapons and noses. And in 15mm. One full day of blender later: 14mm to the eye.


And a rounded nose


First print on a FDM, Duplicator 6 with 0,3mm nozzle. Nearly good, but the nose is badly printed.

Then, try to print them in resin, on a Duplicator 7 v.1. Fail. The printer has too much wobble, the fine details are missing. Back to the FDM, but with a finer nozzle (0,2 mm). Layers of 0,04 mm. Fine tune of the slicer. Five hour print to obtain a troop. (Yes, I’m utterly lazy and slow at covering things with paint. Only four mini on a troop base, eight for a regiment).

Not visible on the picture, the fine details are crisps. Print not cleaned but supports removed. Good nose this time. Printing lines barely visible.


Next steps: Model archers, swords and command goblin. Maybe do a silicon mould for a metal production. Have hundreds of them to bravely crush a dozen of cowards knights.

Quick and rough painting, with a huge brush the size of the miniature. Worst painting ever. I present you a Horde of Night Goblins lurking in the deserted ruins of the lost city of Ulvheim. All of them are printed, a mix of resin fails, FDM fails and good FDM. But all equally poorly paint-dressed.



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