Welcome to the wonderful, tropical and exotic Patatas.

The Patatas share his south frontier with Brazil, the west is touching Angola and the Caspian Sea is on the west. The north of Patatas is in trouble, the frontier with Brunei is in flames due to a religious war leaded by the Scoumoune zealots: the Al Charabia.

There’s also a revolutionary movement in the south, leaded by the charismatic El Che Patatras and his Patateros, hardened warriors.

Capital and greatest city of Patatas, Misconcepçao is the stronghold of the Popular Oligarchic Organisation, the only legal governement presided by Aristide Dujambon.

Aristide Dujambon and his wife, LaBaitch. As the bodyguard should not have been on the official picture, the photograph had some life disturbance.


Patatas is divided in three ecosystems:

  • The north’s desert and bush, where the oil is.
  • Central Patatas, covert with savannah and fields.
  • The south, with dense jungles and swamps.


The Patatas’s population is roughly estimated at about something like 15 millions of inhabitants. The country is mostly rural, with a few big cities. The country has a strategic position, mainly due to oil and national agricultural resource: the potato.

An ethnic and tribal melting-pot cause regular conflicts, the presidential palace in Misconcepcao had been burned a thousand time and let as a ruin. The governement formed by the Popular Oligarchic Organisation is extremely impopular and recognized by only ten percent of the overall population. France is the main partner of the P.O.O. while a specialized ambassador (Bob Renard) helps Aristide Dujambon to manage the oil production.

Oil fields are under the threat of a religious rebellion, the Al Charabia leaded by Abdul Al Azred. Their main belief is “The Scoumoune”, an ancient and forbidden french cult. The Al Charabia group is secretly funded by the United States of A. Some slanderous ministers of the P.O.O. suggests the direct implication of a secret US service, the “See I’m A”, in recent troubles.

As the Patatas is slowly decaying, a group of real patriots try to give back to the land his past splendour. Their name is Los Patateros, helped by the Soviet Union of China. Their leader, El Che Patatras, scatters a new politic theory: the Capital-Marxism who drives the poor’s elites to becomes the new riche’s elites.