Frost Trade rule add-on

A small add-on for Frostgrave. Page un en français, page two in english Frost-trade


Medieval game rule

Spent some time to translate the rules from french. Hack and slash with miniatures, metal or plastic. The rules are designed to be printed in A5 format, and with the "booklet" option in PDF readers: Print the odd pages of the booklet, then turn the paper and print the even pages. Only three sheets needed. … Continue reading Medieval game rule

D’Estoc et de Taille

Une règle de jeu en français, approximative et totalement injouable. A game rule in french, because England was French before Joan of Arc and the fall of Calais...... or something like that. Pour ceux qui se souviennent de "Moonstone", un jeu sur Amiga, où un chevalier se faisait couper en tranche. Les règles prennent en … Continue reading D’Estoc et de Taille