Small Fat Town

A slow build. One the printers just died, RIP to the chinese motherboard. First building completed but paint in progress. I hope to have about 20 of those before the next century. 15 mm miniatures to give the size. The miniatures base are 16 mm in diameter. A close up, the streets and building are … Continue reading Small Fat Town


Supports for 3D dungeon

Nothing more boring than building a one floor dungeon. As it takes hours and days to print and paint pieces, using those precious bits of plastic to obtain elevations was not satisfying. And all these walls used as supports cannot longer be used to enlarge the dungeons. It seemed more convenient to quickly print flat … Continue reading Supports for 3D dungeon

The Good etc.

A street is growing, signs are printed and glued on cardboard then affixed with small blobs of rubber adhesive. An easy way to change or remove the signs. Next steps: learning the THW rule "Six Gun Sound", using 15mm miniatures and scenery. The high noon duel in 28mm peacemakers should be this week. Scenario for … Continue reading The Good etc.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

An harmonica, a sunset, a duel and a lot of spaghetti's. A western "movie"filmed in 28mm is taking place in my room in a few days, just enough time left to build a handful of houses. The Good concept: easy storage and quick build. A wire view of the house: The Bad work. A few days … Continue reading The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Small Print Quality

Close pictures of terrain scenery, painted. First, the blacksmith. Extruder head 0.4mm - material PLA -  glass bed 55°, extruder 210°. No infill, no support but brim 8mm. PLA: black 3D Ink (odorless) Layers Main building, 0.100mm. About 7 hours for printing. Main roof, 0.120mm. 7 hours. Side building, 0.06mm. 4 hours Side roof, 0.100. … Continue reading Small Print Quality