Tutorial: Thatched Roof

Some hours to spend in long winter nights? Making a hut roof with sisal rope will bring you happiness! Material needed: pliers, white glue, sisal rope (available in garden centers). And a roof carpentry to glue the sisal. Cut the rope, then de-twist it. Put a little amount of glue on an extremity. Make the … Continue reading Tutorial: Thatched Roof


Burrows & Badgers, encore…

The ruined farmstead's thatched roof for B & B is nearly finished. I forgot to add a chimney to the building, and added a "thing" inspired by the design of some houses in the video game Skyrim. Two more minis painted, a mouse soldier with the Cheeserland national colours, and a Pi-Rat.

Burrows & Badgers, a Neverending Roof

Continuation of this hugely bad idea, the real thatched roof. It take a lot of time to complete a tiny area, with plenty of glue on the fingers (about 90% of the glue amount decorate the fingers). Five hours to not complete a side of the roof. I was planning to build this house in … Continue reading Burrows & Badgers, a Neverending Roof

Burrows & Badgers, a Farmstead’s roof

Blobs of paint on a mouse, before working on the farm model. Roof work today. The question is: Shingle or thatched? Shingles are easy to make, just cutting some cardboard. Thatched, on the other side, is a little more messy. Using artificial fur coated with diluted glue. I don't have artificial fur at home. But … Continue reading Burrows & Badgers, a Farmstead’s roof

Burrows & Badgers, a Farmstead WIP

The walls are build, a generous coat of white diluted glue is applied, to reinforce the flimsy structure. Painted a Rat while the glue was drying. The beams are cut in a balsa plank, the flooring is made with tiny planks cut more than thirteen years ago while scratchbuilding a boat. The floor is obviously.... … Continue reading Burrows & Badgers, a Farmstead WIP