Frost Trade rule add-on

A small add-on for Frostgrave. Page un en français, page two in english Frost-trade


D’Estoc & de Taille insight

Always sick. I had made some terrain board intended for small size figures (10mm) some years ago. As I'm too sick to use rulers and count fractions of millimetres, those boards were obviously the right choice for a bed-top wargame. Rule used: D'Estoc & de Taille, written in filthy french (and more filthy english) and … Continue reading D’Estoc & de Taille insight

Medieval game rule

Spent some time to translate the rules from french. Hack and slash with miniatures, metal or plastic. The rules are designed to be printed in A5 format, and with the "booklet" option in PDF readers: Print the odd pages of the booklet, then turn the paper and print the even pages. Only three sheets needed. … Continue reading Medieval game rule


Schneerim Rules 2

Well, I spend some time to cut the new boards, the gauges can now easily turn in any direction, added buttons that where in a drawer for more than a decade. The caps colours don't match the gauges.....


Schneerim Rules 1

The rules of the games will use gauges for Health and Stamina. Cards are for the characters, combat and defense moves, weapons and loot. I made a prototype of the character control panel, with the gauge using gears. Characters can have a maximum level of 50 (number of gear notches) in health/stamina. Attack and defense moves … Continue reading Schneerim Rules 1