Burrows & Badgers, encore…

The ruined farmstead's thatched roof for B & B is nearly finished. I forgot to add a chimney to the building, and added a "thing" inspired by the design of some houses in the video game Skyrim. Two more minis painted, a mouse soldier with the Cheeserland national colours, and a Pi-Rat.


Burrows & Badgers, a Mouse’s Story

I discovered the game Burrows & Badgers a couple years ago, the rules where freely downloadable, and seemed nice to play. It used some anthropomorphic animals nicely sculpted. I forgot it and time passed. Until this spring. Living in a double centuries old farm, broken roof, a lot of life in the barn (kind of … Continue reading Burrows & Badgers, a Mouse’s Story

Dungeon Adventurers

Some recent paintings, in 28mm. Bad sight - as the years go passing by... Mostly block painting with some lighter colors added.  Some soldiers, ready to die horribly explore wonderful places. A mix of  fantasy Frostgrave and historical Fireforge miniatures. Shields decorations are totally unhistorical, maybe... Barbarian and soldier from Frostgrave. A bunch of sympathetic librarian. … Continue reading Dungeon Adventurers