Black Flag (Pavillon Noir)

Made my first game with le french Role Playing Game "Pavillon Noir 2", played solo as an advanced tabletop game. Three adventurers must explore a tiny island to find food and water, as the boat's provisions went empty. They must hunt, go fishing, find fruits and water, fight against monkeys, maybe meet some cannibals. The … Continue reading Black Flag (Pavillon Noir)

A Pirate Table – Mapping

A break from modelling, and a travel to an unknown land: Cartographia. Making maps is an art, needing a high drawing skill to achieve a good result. I took my old colour pens and an even older set of technical ink stylus. A full day to clean those older than me Kern tools,  a nearly … Continue reading A Pirate Table – Mapping

A Pirate Table 4. Low quarter

The  Low Quarter, a place with small and poor house, and a blacksmith (the all-day song of the hammer annoying all the poors ). A bit longer to finish, this module complete the low city. The roofs of the small houses are not printed, but made with textured plastic sheets from railway modelling. An aerial … Continue reading A Pirate Table 4. Low quarter

A Pirate Table – 3. Trade Post

A new module is completed for the Jamaica table: the trade posts, on the city dockside. I had some trouble printing the roofs: The strange summer weather going from too hot to too cold in a couple of days, a change of filament (same brand, same model, but different color). The filament blocked hard in … Continue reading A Pirate Table – 3. Trade Post

Ships for Black Flag

I already build ships a few time ago, when I planned the Pirate table. Construction method follow the wooden ships models plans: Wood planking. Instead of a wood mini carpentry, the planks are glued onto a styrofoam form. No roping, to allow an easy access to the miniatures. The ship's base is made with a … Continue reading Ships for Black Flag