Burrows & Badgers, first impression

Two beginners warband painted. A long time ago, I hated to paint. Specially 28mm miniatures. Then, those funny warriors appeared in my mail box. Back to 28mm again. The Loyalists (and royalists) mice, the "League of Cheeserland". Heavily armed and armoured. The Freebeasts, opportunist and dishonest. The "Th*ee C*unts", cowards with guns. First bad impression, … Continue reading Burrows & Badgers, first impression


Holidays in Feldstadt

My nephew had a few free days in december, and asked for some tabletop games. We played a quick and deadly game of Frostgrave, then decided to create serious warbands for a long campaign. My fellow opponent took an enchanter and some good guys, and I exhumed an ancient warband sheet with a necromancer - … Continue reading Holidays in Feldstadt

Burrows & Badgers, a Neverending Roof

Continuation of this hugely bad idea, the real thatched roof. It take a lot of time to complete a tiny area, with plenty of glue on the fingers (about 90% of the glue amount decorate the fingers). Five hours to not complete a side of the roof. I was planning to build this house in … Continue reading Burrows & Badgers, a Neverending Roof