French Fries

Life is quiet at Kartengra, a small town located in the southern part of Patatas. Local loyalist forces are coached by the french soldiers of the Mouvement International de Libération Français (M.I.L.F.). News are not good, loyalist were waiting for a brand new armoured vehicle delivered by the railway, an ambush leaded by the Los Patateros (Capital-Marxist rebellion) … Continue reading French Fries


A quiet town

Welcome to Kartengra, a small town located on the south Patatas. The locals are loyal to the central government, thanks to a french presence - the MILF (Mouvement International de Liberation Français). French soldiers are here more for a police duty than a military role as the Capital-Marxist rebellion is not active in this sector. … Continue reading A quiet town

Last Train for Kartengra

Railways transports are a strategic issue for the government in Patatas, as they allow to move quickly troops and armoured vehicles - predominately in the jungle covered south. The Capital-Marxist rebellion (Los Patateros) is well informed, and they use a construction site to ambush a convoy. They plan to destroy the armoured vehicle carried on the … Continue reading Last Train for Kartengra

Building a country

You can find more on this wonderful country HERE Architecture in Patatas is mainly constitued by cheap houses and adobe houses. A basic design and a long print session. Are these blocks giving a complete town? No. More blocks are needed, around two kilograms of plastic (four pounds) are planned for a decent result. The blocks … Continue reading Building a country

7TV technical scenery

A great film always need great scenery, and great scenery take a long time to be built. Using mainly 15mm figures and accessories, my new 7TV set was a little bit naked. As a very lazy model maker, the 28mm scenery is a punishment: think about longs hours of cutting your fingers assembling cardboard, having … Continue reading 7TV technical scenery