Operation Kleinhund (Sabotage!)

More to come soon! just a sneak peek! Nazism and second World War never took place. But OGRE (Organisation Goulag Revolutionnaire Est) - the communist gulag - and the CACA (Corporation Anarcho-Capitaliste Americaine) - the Anarcho-Capitalists of America, have invaded Europe. The GEL (Groupe Europeen Libre) flee to a secret Antarctic base with their scientists, … Continue reading Operation Kleinhund (Sabotage!)


Sabotage! Mission Carpates 1

Sabotage! is a game happening in a alternative history, where nazism never existed. Europe has been invaded by a sort of Red soviets coming from the east, and a kind of US anarcho-corporation. European scientists have flee to Antarctica, in the Neu-Schwabenland, where they try to find a way to free Europe from the US … Continue reading Sabotage! Mission Carpates 1

Fast Fences

Making some fences for the home rule "Sabotage!". Some MDF and toothpicks, and a mosquito net.  Some basing with coffee, sand and fine sawdust mixed with water and white glue. A lot of these is needed. The white mosquito net is then tainted with black paint diluted with a lot of water, and glued to … Continue reading Fast Fences